Who We Are


Ancillary Business Consultants, Inc., (ABC) d/b/a CannaServe® is a unique, comprehensive business advisory service, data collection and analysis platform, designed and focused on the cannabis and ancillary business markets. CannaServe is comprised of a team of business professionals, including lawyers, IT architects, CPA’s, engineers and specialized, vetted service providers including banking, financial, merchant processing, marketing and vetted business advisors with decades of experience in their professions and industries.

CannaServe provides cannabis and related or ancillary businesses with the ability to create two new revenue streams! First, businesses can now create new revenue by selling their data to CannaServe, and second, they can join the CannaServe Data Co-Op and gain a share in the Co-op’s combined profits.

CannaServe operates through a proprietary technology platform, which aggregates psychographic data from CannaServe.info, its location based mobile business directory and app., and CannaServe also collects cannabis industry and ancillary business data from its Data Co-Op business members, through surveys, giveaways and creative joint marketing with its members.

CannaServe provides its members with total transparency and security by using a proprietary Blockchain database application. This creates secure partitioning, so members possess the highest controls and security levels for their own data and can share their data at whichever level they choose. Further, each member’s contributed data will be aggregated with data gained other member’s businesses and from consumer (user’s) purchases. The more data our members choose to share, the more value and benefits they will receive, including discount coupons, merchandise and even crypto-currency, which can be converted to cash.

CannaServe also provides its members exclusive access to vetted cannabis and ancillary industry professionals, business advisers and service providers, who participate in CannaServe’s Concierge Club membership (CCM) program. The CCM’s primary goal is to provide our members with immediate access to specialized business management and assistance in resolving cannabis and related industry specific operational and business issues. We offer an expanding suite of dynamic business tools designed to facilitate and promote the efficiency, productivity and optimization of our members’ business operations.

Join the CannaServe Revolution today, take back control and earn rewards for your data!

What We Do

CannaServe® is a revolutionary technology platform, which offers cannabis and ancillary businesses new revenue sources by providing an application to monetize their business’s data. Psychographic data, also known as a form of “alternative data”, is a very valuable and in tremendous demand in the analytics industry. CannaServe’s innovative Data Co-Op allows cannabis and ancillary businesses to sell their data individually, as well as to participate as a member of the Co-Op, share in the Co-op’s revenue and further, monetize a large group of businesses’ shared data.

In the cannabis and ancillary business markets, there is a vacuum of psychographic data. Companies are effectively collecting the usual demographic consumer data, such as gender, age, ethnicity and income, but because cannabis and related products remain federally illegal in many states, a there is a distinct lack of available psychographic data. In an estimated $50 billion industry, an extreme dichotomy exists, since only thirty-three states currently have some form of cannabis legislation. Successful companies should understand how customers in their target markets feel, and need to know about their customers attitudes, interests, personality, values, opinions and lifestyles.

CannaServe’s technology platform (cannaserve.info) aggregates psychographic data from many sources and secures this collected data with a proprietary blockchain application. This application will also manage CannaServe’s crypto currency, which members can receive as payment for providing their data, rather than simply giving their data away (for its unauthorized use), which has become so rampant in the online world. CannaServe will be the premier source for businesses and industries such as pharmaceutical, alcohol and tobacco to rely upon for the most accurate and optimized data.

Cannabis and related ancillary businesses have a distinct need for quick answers to legal, accounting, human resources, insurance, banking, compliance and other industry specific business questions. Qualified and trusted advisers are sometimes either difficult to identify or business owners are hesitant to engage them or ask for help, since the associated fees can be prohibitive.

CannaServe fills the critical need in the business marketplace for a convenient, go-to source for businesses which need quick, accurate answers to these types of questions. A CannaServe Concierge Club member (CCM) can work with a personal Canna-concierge, who is available to answer most cannabis industry and related business questions, or to connect our members with one of CannaServe’s vetted attorneys, CPA’s or other professional business advisers. CannaServe offers its members with a curated selection of innovative tools and benefits designed to assist businesses to become efficient, profitable and compliant in this fast growing and evolving industry.


CannaServe.info is the location based map directory that comprises the B2C component of the CannaServe technology platform. It provides added value to CannaServe Concierge Member businesses by providing add free priority listings for consumers to find them when searching for cannabis businesses in their areas.

In addition, it provides customers seeking legal cannabis products both a mobile and desktop version with unique functionality as video chat with businesses, delivery options, strain recommendations generated by user reviews and connectivity with other consumers interested in products and services.

CannaServe assists entrepreneurs and businesses, both large and small, with various types of funding needs. Our core competency is providing Concierge Business Advice, so we provide personal service and support throughout the entire lending process, from application preparation to funding. We have many programs available to suit our client’s particular needs, including hard money, cash flow based and merchant processing advances, commercial real estate and lines of credit, both secured and unsecured, to name just a view.

Our CannaServe Concierge Lending program is only one important part of our comprehensive Concierge Business Advisory Service. CannaServe is here to assist and promote success in every aspect of your business, from concept development and Business Plan preparation to providing referrals for legal and accounting advice, commercial insurance, marketing, technology, compliance, human resources and any other business operations.

Start the Lending process today by clicking on the button found below and completing the secure application. One of our Concierge’s will contact you as soon as they receive the application. If you prefer, please call and they will be able to walk you through the process. Either way, CannaServe stands ready  to assist you with your lending requirements.